The following are illustrations, designs, portraits, comics excerpts and commissions by Noel Franklin.  Links to full comics can be found in the Publications section.  For information on hiring Noel, please email her at
Architectural Drawing
OK Hotel, Seattle Viaduct
Poster Design & Illustration, Busker Week
Design Element,
Seattle Busker Week
The Daily Troll,
Logo, Crosscut Media
Daily Troll Update,
Crosscut Media
Memorex Masochism, for The Stranger
Illustration, Anne Bonnie Dreams Her Ship
Architectural Drawing
Chicago Picasso
Illustration, excerpt from SHIPYARD ESPIONAGE
Postcard Illustration,
11th Dimension Press
Lisa Gill, Author Portrait
“Saint T”
Mr. T Portrait
Kurt Cobain, excerpt from the OK HOTEL
Texecala, excerpt from CLUB LINGERIE
The Midnighters, excerpt from CLUB LINGERIE
CD Design & Illustration
Henry Rollins Portrait,
Beagle, Portrait