publication History

In addition to self-publishing minicomics, Noel Franklin has placed over 14 stories in  journals and publications in the United States, Canada, England, Norway and Serbia.  She is a regular contributor to inkt|art along with the first syndicated female cartoonist, Nichole Hollander. 

Projects in Process are listed at the bottom of the page. 

Any stories that are available online will have the publication highlighted for you to click and view.

“Night of the Crow”        Not My Small Diary #19, (print) 7/2016

“Coyote and Butterfly Woman”  self-published minicomic with writer Anne Bean,  10/ 2016.

“Not Too Soon”              Rock Is Not Dead, (print) 9/2016

“Festival de Resistance” Seattle Weekly, (print and online), 6/2016

“Recession”                    Seattle Weekly, (print and online), 6/2016

“The Crocodile”               Seattle Weekly, (print and online), 6/2016

“Ok Hotel”                        Ghosts of Seattle Past, (print and online), 10/2015	

“Laughing Gull”                Raven Chronicles (print), 10/2015	

“Orchid”                           Connections Anthology (print), 9/2015

“Blue Sky For Noel”         The Strumpet Issue #4 (print), 12/2014	

“Can’t Say”                      Outre Issue #4 (print and online), 12/2014 - free download available

Gone Girl Comics #2        self-published minicomic (print), 11/2014 - can be purchased on Etsey

“Jezinkas”                         Blood Root Issue #3 (print and online), 11/2014 - free download available

“Chicago Picasso”           Pancevo Biennial of Art Anthology Skulptura, (print), 2014
“Shipyard Espionage”      Indie Ladies Comics 2014 (print), 8/2014
“Memorex Masochism”    The Stranger (print and online), 6/2014
untitled                              comics4healthcoverage (print and online), 9/2013

Gone Girl Comics #1        self-published minicomic (print), 6/2013 - can be purchased on Etsey 

Last Call                            self-published minicomic (print), 6/2013

Regular Contributor          inkt|art, including “Cat Door Monster” and the “Last Call” series
Projects in Process

“Girl On The Road” - Noel Franklin’s first graphic novel about friendship, rock and roll, road trips and recovery.  A sample chapter is scheduled for publication in Fall of 2016.

“Night of the Crow” - Night of the Crow is a short comics story that is slated to be published in Not My Small Diary #19 in early 2017.
Girl On The Road draft title page art.